Rabbit Advocates
Location Name 10# Bags Updated Details
SE Portland near Powell Butte Betty 0 03/07/20 Betty is no longer selling hay or a special orders pickup location. Fortunately, Heather is just 3 minutes away, across Powell Blvd!
SE Portland near Centennial HS Heather 6 05/13/20 Betty's loyal customers will now be able to purchase their BBB 3-Way and special order hay from Heather, located just 3 minutes north (across Powell Blvd) from Betty.

Address: 16715 SE Rhine St., Portland, OR 97236 (map)
Email: heather.smith@rabbitadvocates.org
Phone (voice & text): (503) 278-0936
NE Portland near 68th St. & Sandy Evelyn 14 05/24/20 You can either email your order to Evelyn, or you can call/text her at (503) 706-0143 the day before you need hay. She will leave your hay on her front porch. Please insert your payment in the mail slot.

Address: 3706 NE 68th Ave., Portland, OR 97213 (map)
Email: bwb.eleven@gmail.com
Phone (voice & text): (503) 706-0143
North Side:
North Portland
Paula 9 05/10/20 Call Paula at (503) 226-1642 and leave a voice message at least 24 hours before you need your hay. Paula will leave your hay on her front porch the morning of the day you will pickup. Please leave your payment in the cookie tin inside the wooden box on the porch. ***Special Orders Must Be Picked up within 5 days of haypacking.

Address: 7410 N. Olin Ave., Portland, OR 97217(map)
Phone: (503) 226-1642
Way Far North:
Vancouver, WA
Janeen 12 05/11/20 Call Janeen at (360) 574-4162 at least 24 hours before you need your hay. Janeen will leave your hay on her front porch. Place your payment envelope under the ceramic bunny on the front porch next to the door.

Address: 10208 NE 20th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98686(map)
Phone: (360) 574-4162
SW Portland:
Lorraine 1 05/30/20

Call or text Lorraine at 503-382-7622. She will leave your hay for you on her front porchPlease drop money/checks in the mail slot at the top of the porch stairs.
 PLUS I have:   2 bags of hay for Foster Rabbits

Address: 6915 SW 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97219 (map)
Phone (voice & text): 503-382-7622

West Suburbs:
Kristine 10 05/10/20 Text or call Kristine at (808) 778-0067.  She will leave your hay on her front porch. Please leave cash/check under the door mat.

Address:  6021 SE Heike Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123 (map)
Phone (voice & text): 808-778-0067
SW Portland:
Kathleen 7 05/13/20 Text or call Kathleen at 541-543-5252. She will leave your hay on her front porch. Please leave cash/check under the door mat.

Address: 11867 SW Treehill Ct., Tigard, OR 97224 (map)
Phone (voice & text): 541-543-5252