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Frequently Asked Questions about Merchant Accounts
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  • What is a merchant account?
    A merchant account is a special type of bank account needed to process credit cards.

  • What is a gateway? Do I need one?
    A gateway is a service the allows your site to integrate with your merchant account to collect transactions in real time. You need a gateway if you want to have credit card orders verified at the time your customer checks out of your store. A payment gateway manages the actual verification and processing of online credit card payments.

  • Is a merchant account included with your store?
    We do not provide a merchant account with your store. If you already have a merchant account, contact your merchant account provider to find out if it will integrate with your store. If you don't already have a merchant account, visit our E-commerce > Merchant Accounts page to find out about our competitively priced merchant accounts.

  • Is there a contract length if I sign up for a merchant account?
    Yes. There is a 6 month minimum contract length for merchant account signups.

  • What are your fees and rates?
    Our rates are highly competitive. Visit for current details. Or, visit our E-commerce > Merchant Accounts page for the current rates (as of 11/19/10).

  • How long will it take to activate my merchant account?
    You can start using your merchant account as soon as your application is submitted.

  • How do I set up my website to use my merchant account?
    Your merchant account provider will give you the login information for the gateway your merchant account will use. Go to the Store tab of your site manager, select Payment Methods/Merchant Account and select the gateway you were given in the drop down list of gateways and click the Set button. Then enter in the login information for your gateway and click the Test button. If everything is set up correctly the test should pass. Once it does, go to your store and order an item to verify that you have everything set up correctly.

  • What is a virtual terminal?
    A virtual terminal is a website provided to you by your gateway provider which will allow you to process credit cards manually. You can use the virtual terminal to process refunds and credits and to manually process credit cards you get via phone orders or other means.

  • What information will I need to provide to apply?
    You will submit information about your business as well as information on the business owner. The application is an industry standard credit card acceptance application. (Federal Tax ID- For US Corporations only), Social Security Number/Social Insurance Number, Commercial checking account DDA and Routing numbers, and one trade reference including phone number)

  • How will I get paid for credit card transactions?
    Funds are electronically deposited into your business checking account within 48-72 hours of processing the sale.

  • What credit card types can I accept?
    You are activated for Visa and MasterCard when you fill out the online application. You will be set up for other card types when you mark that on your application.

  • I already have a retail merchant account. Why do I need another one?
    It is against Visa/MasterCard regulations to process Internet transactions through your retail account; so another merchant account needs to be set-up.

  • Will I be able to accept American Express and Discover?
    Yes. When you are filling out the online application, you will be asked if you want to accept Amex and Discover. You simply select the appropriate check boxes. Because Amex and Discover accounts are set up outside of Visa/MasterCard, a separate application will be submitted to those organizations in your behalf.

  • Will my per transaction rates be the same for American Express and Discover?
    No. If you choose to accept Amex and Discover, Amex charges 3.25% per transaction and Discover charges approximately 2.3-2.5% per transaction. Visa and MasterCard charges 2.35%.

  • How do I know my merchant application was received?
    You will receive a confirmation email within seconds after submitting your online application.

  • Who reviews the information on my application?
    An underwriting department confirms that the application is in compliance with Visa/MasterCard regulations.

  • What happens after my application is approved?
    You are instantly activated to accept credit cards. The underwriting department will contact you if they have any questions. Otherwise you will start receiving monthly statements.

  • If I have more questions about becoming a merchant or about the application process, whom can I contact?
    Send a question to our support team and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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