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Precision Computing Arts / Fastwebdev Blog
Precision Computing Arts / Fastwebdev Blog

Welcome to the Precision Computing Arts / Fastwebdev blog. We use this blog to post interesting news about our Sitebuilder web hosting and content management system (CMS). As with other blogging systems, blog articles from our system are indexed in Google and other search engines within a week or two.

(Customers can set up and maintain similar blogs on any Sitebuilder websites that we host.)

Monday, July 04 2011

SEO ServicesWhat We Do to Improve Customers' Search Engine Results

We design all websites with good search engine performance in mind, and my customers' websites appear to be doing well. I've had customers get VERY expensive estimates from SEO experts who proposed to do what 23 already had done (or could do) myself. We did the necessary work, and their search engine results improved.  

With the client's input regarding desired search keywords, we make sure keyword content is complete, and keywords and meta tags are present for each page. Then we use the built-in search engine submission features available on your Cool Tools system, which hits all the major engines.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Standings in Search Engines

  1. Brainstorm which keywords you want people to use to find your site, and and be sure those keywords are already in the pages of your site. The most important keywords should be on your home page. (If you decide to hire us to help, be sure to write down and send us all the keywords that are most important to you.)
  2. Type your keywords into the major search engines (mainly,, and, in that order of importance). If your site is on the first page, you've got it made! Check out your competitors, too, and see what keywords find their sites high up in the results. Note that some businesses have so much competition that it's virtually impossible to always land on the first page of the search engine results, so no one can guarantee top-page performance. Also be aware that search engines change their methods for finding sites relatively frequently, so your site may be at the top of the heap one day and appear to move down the next; there's no way to really prevent that. Regardless of what the search engines do, your best bet is always to have high quality keywords in your content and meta tags.
  3. Look at which directories pop up with your keywords and get into those directories (each directory will explain how to get listed).
    For example, we plugged "real estate appraisal wisconsin" into Google and found several real estate appraiser directories at the top of the search results, including,, and

    We generally recommend customers submit to the directories themselves, because it requires knowledge of their business and sometimes payment; it's tedious data entry work, but generally easy to do. Having us do something you can easily do yourself would not be cost-effective for you.
  4. Consider some paid advertising (e.g., Google Adwords and various directories). I think this can be a last resort, except for industry "musts."
Here are some quotes from a customer ( whose site we built with search engines in mind. He also worked on his own (with a little help from us to get started) to submit his business to various general and industry-specific directories. He wrote:
"Thanks so much for demystifying building a high functioning site for me. Many friends that are expert at online marketing have complimented your work and your calm and clear direction has given me a new presence on the web.
6/16/11 Update: When I initially contacted you in February 2011, I had 3-1/2 clients. My site went live in late March. I have picked up 6 new clients since you redid my site and I started listing myself anywhere I could. So I am up to 10!!! YOU are magic!!!!! Once I get caught up $$$$Ly in about a month, let's talk about how to enhance the site more.
7/1/11 Update: I've been sticking to free directories only, with the exception of the professional horseman's association directory because it's an industry "must." I've been doing OK with my cheapies! My income has risen about 120% in 6 weeks! It was like a switch went on Friday May 13th when my website went live. Who said Friday the 13 was unlucky?"
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​NOTE: We are now taking on new projects and website updates. Do-it-yourselfers and professional website designers are always welcome to create and maintain websites on our easy-to-use professional-quality Sitebuilder platform.

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